Conference Room Solutions

VISION provides a full range of conference room solutions, helping to improve the way people do business by facilitating real-time meetings with customers, colleagues and business partners. Conference room solutions including audio & video conference system, Central Control System, Room Enhancement, PA System, Streaming System as well as Video Conferencing.
Video Conference system
Video Conference system is benefiting businesses a lot. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and crystal clear HD videoconferencing is the perfect example of how true that statement is. A live video conference is much more effective than a phone call in many different situations; you may need to visually demo of a new product with colleagues who are located in overseas office or troubleshoot an issue with a client which requires data sharing. Video Conference system helps to reduce the flight cost, reduce carbon emissions, increase productivity among the team, and the most important thing is improve communications.
Central control system
Central control system provides a customized and user-friendly interface to control all the AV and lighting equipment in the room, different remote controls of AV equipment is no longer requried. 
It allows users to manage, command, direct or regulate the other devices and systems such as lighting, displays, video conference, projector, screen, audio system and curtain via a control panel or Apple iPad. Central control systems have become more and more popular in conference rooms, and some hall venues. With the increasing number of operating platforms at work, central control system simplifies the way people manage a wide range of equipment. VISION mainly provide three brands of control systems; Crestron, AMX, Decoris and Neeo.
Room enhancement
Room enhancement including different room booking system with touch pad; providing green solution for conference rooms booking to reduce carbon emissions.
Furthermore, we also offers CCTV, people counting systems, etc.

PA system
PA system is a high quality and cost-effective electronic sound amplification and distribution system with microphones, loud speakers, mixers and amplifiers. It can facilitate the announcements of movements, and public broadcasting in conference venues, congress center, campus, transportation stations and large terminals.